Dragon & Phoenix Slots

Whenever a dragon and a phoenix team up in a slot, you know you are in mythical territory. Does that provide a clue to the nature of this slot game? We think so, but we have explored every unseen corner of the Dragon & Phoenix slot game here, so you're going to get some answers one way or another. Prepare to discover more as we pass on our knowledge here.

Can you figure out who the developer might be?

This one comes from a major name - and there are few that would rank as highly as Betsoft.

Demo details about the slot

It does have a demo version, so we suggest you load that up first to see what is in store for you. It is easy enough to switch to real play if you like the premise (and promise) this game holds for you.

Does the mythical theme have any other aspects to it?

Yes, it does, and you'll notice this as you prepare to play it. There is a clear Asian feel to this one, and the various mythical creatures fit into this idea nicely. As such, it is quite different from the other dragon-themed games we have played before.

Design features in the Dragon & Phoenix slot

It has a nice design that brings out the best in the Asian/mythological idea. However, this is one of those games that sticks to a vague background. This works in a way, as it means you have your eyes on the potential prizes on the reels.

Learn about the basic elements of the game first

Let's begin by highlighting the five reels in play in this game. Beyond that, three symbols pop up per reel. The game doesn't bother with any progressive prizes.

One symbol is special to find, and this shows the emperor and empress. It is wild on every reel except for the first one, and it expands too. This means if additional prizes can be claimed through its expanded form, it will do this.

You might also see a money tree during play. This is used as a scatter symbol, giving you the potential to trigger a scatter prize should enough of them appear.

Paylines included in Dragon & Phoenix

They have included 20 lines for you to play on here.

Betting options

If you focus on covering all the available lines, there are betting amounts that start from just 20 cents per spin. If you go higher, you cannot bet more than $20 per spin.

The paytable is shown by the info button

You'll see this underneath the game, and once you select it, the paytable loads for you to see. We suggest you look through this before you take your first spin of the reels.

Does the game include any bonus features?

Sadly, no… nothing of the sort appears in this slot game.

Are there any free spins available?

We have better news here, since you can win at least three whenever you find three or more of those money tree scatters in one spin. The idea is that one freebie is given to you for each scatter that appears. Hence why three is the minimum. If you filled the screen with scatters, you'd get 15 spins.

Does this game have a good RTP value?

Yes, it comes in at 96.01%.

Does the Dragon & Phoenix slot get a good rating?

We think it is a good game, but it does not quite reach the heights of many other Betsoft games. As such, this couldn't qualify for a rating higher than 7 out of 10. If you like your slots quite basic, this delivers for sure, but those wanting bonuses are going to feel disappointed.

How much could winners get in prizes?

Betsoft has revealed the biggest prize would be an impressive 8,098x your bet on a successful spin. We're not sure how that would be triggered, and few will manage it, but it gives you an idea of the potential of the game.

Check out the Betsoft demo first

Dragon & Phoenix is great to play, offering a nice simple game based on a promising theme. But does it tick all the boxes for you? Try the demo and you won't risk your budget finding the answers.

Play for real at any casino offering Betsoft slot games

There are plenty of those around, and if you are a member of one, you'll get all their other new titles to try as well.

Mobile opportunities for the slot

Participating mobile casinos can offer you this game to play on Android and iOS devices if you wish.