Total Overdrive Slots

Online slots come in all shapes and sizes, but every now and then you encounter one that grabs your attention from the off. That was the case for us when we spotted the new Total Overdrive slot. It looks great, for sure, but it has some intriguing elements involved that take it to another level.

This isn't a 3D slot, but the design does have a hint of that. This one manages to be modern and futuristic at the same time, but does it deliver a great gaming experience as well?

Who developed the game for release?

Betsoft is the name behind the Total Overdrive slot game, which should make you feel quite positive about the experience you're going to have playing it.

The Total Overdrive slot game demo version

This is identical to the paid version, so you can gauge whether you like it enough to switch to that version of the game. It also lets you experiment with bets to see if it fits your budget.

Do you like this theme?

The theme is based on a futuristic city, which appears in the background and ramps up the feel and presentation of the game. Set at night, the reels pop out in the foreground, giving the game depth it would otherwise miss out on.

Other elements of the design

There is a touch of classic slots here, with the bar symbols, cherries, and other similar symbols appearing. They all appear as if they were neon signs too, which adds to the futuristic feel. There is much else to spot when you start playing as well, so let's see what else we can find out.

The basics of the Total Overdrive slot game

Those classic symbols may have provided a clue, since there are three reels in this slot instead of the five you may have expected. The game takes on a larger format though, offering a 3 x 3 grid to play on. One thing it does not offer is a progressive jackpot.

There is a substitute here, shown quite simply as WILD. Every other symbol is replaced by this if it appears during the game. The wild can also pay out on its own, but only if you complete a payline with three of them. This awards 50x your triggering bet for that line.

There is also an Overdrive Multiplier element to this game, and this is a highlight. The starting multiplier is set at 1x, as you might expect. If you pick up a prize, it rises by 1x. This process continues for as long as you can pick up consecutive prizes. The maximum Overdrive Multiplier possible is 10x. However, when a losing spin is triggered, whatever multiplier value is in action drops back to 1x to start again.

Payline quantity

You have five lines to place bets on during the game and these are fixed.

Betting possibilities

Fixed lines mean the smallest bet is five cents per spin. That means one cent per line is played though, so it is still good for smaller bettors. The ceiling on your spin amount is $10.

Paytable info explains the rules

We suggest glancing over the paytable before playing, even if you're starting with the demo. It reveals the various features you can expect to see.

Does the Total Overdrive slot include a bonus feature?

Yes, and it is linked to the multiplier feature we highlighted earlier. Whenever a prize is claimed on the reels and the multiplier triggers, you could randomly be granted the Sticky Multiplier bonus instead. This means whatever multiplier value is shown, that value stays in play for eight spins. So, if you were fortunate enough to be on the 10x multiplier at the point of the random trigger, that value would be in action for any prizes won over the next eight spins. Better yet, a losing spin would not return that value to 1x until the end of the eight spins. How cool is that?

You won't find any free spins on offer here, sadly

This game would be better still if it had them, but sadly it doesn't.

Do we know what the RTP value is?

We do, and it comes in at a high 96.92%.

Our rating for Total Overdrive

We're going to call this as a 7 out of 10 game. We would have rated it more highly, but the three reels are limiting, and it is difficult to progress through the multiplier feature. At least, we had a tough time trying to do it.

Potential prizes winners could pick up

Betsoft has revealed the highest prize is worth 1,450x your bet, so that would be cool to get. However, few players are likely to pick up that amount.

Start with the practice version first

The demo for Total Overdrive slots shows you just how the game is going to work. You can then decide if you'd like to give it a real go.

Betsoft casinos have this game available to play for real

They sure do, and if you have already joined a casino or two, there is a good chance you might already have access to it.

Mobile opportunities for this slot game

This is a recent release by Betsoft, and they have made sure that fans of the iOS and Android mobile platforms can access this slot game as well.