Super Sweets Slots

Candy sure has proven to be a popular theme for online slot games in recent times. We could name a few other games with this theme, but the one we're focused on today is called Super Sweets. This sounds promising, but is it going to be as tasty as it sounds?

We've dug deep to bring you the facts about this game today. Are you going to be super stoked to play it?

Which developer is behind this game?

No doubt you have heard about Betsoft and maybe tried some of their games before. If so, you'll be eager to try this new one too.

They can always be relied upon to release a demo

And they have done so here as well. If you're curious about the game and unsure whether this is one that you'd want to portion out some of your budget to, this is the way to find out.

Does the sweet theme pan out well?

It does, and you'll have some great times spotting all the candy in this game. There is a lot of it around. There are some other elements involved here too though, so it's not all sweetness and light! There is some drama on the way too.

Design features of the Super Sweets slot game

The design has been beautifully done here, with lots of great colors and candies to look forward to. You know how some games should not be played on an empty stomach? This surely ranks among those. The whole thing takes place in a factory that churns out those candies, so it all looks very appealing and calorific.

The basic features in Super Sweets slots

The game offers you five reels to start spinning but does away with the idea of adding any progressives into the mix. That said, there are plenty of prizes that are revealed in the paytable.

The golden ticket - yes, a little nod to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory there - is the wild icon, potentially being transformed into a sticky wild for the free games if you get there.

Bubblegum also features, behaving as a sticky wild if it should grace you with its presence. The gum sticks where it is when it shows up, which means you'll get a re-spin with the gum in place. If you had one spin and two pieces of gum appeared, two re-spins would be given.

There is also a wrapped roll of candies involved in the game. Super Sweets is written on the wrapper and the symbol can do one of two things when it appears. It could become a golden ticket or a sticky wild.

Paylines involved in the game

There are 10 of these, and Betsoft has chosen to fix them all for play in each spin.

How varied are the bets you could play with?

The bets go from 10 cents to $10, which means you are betting between one cent and a dollar on each of those 10 lines.

Paytable information for this slot

Make this your first port of call, so you can figure out what you are going to be faced with when you play. All the candies are represented there, along with their values for prize purposes.

Bonus possibilities in this game

We'll keep this bit short… there are none.

Are there any available free spins?

You can get five free spins if you manage to find three or more golden tickets in a single spin. This is a small quantity, sure… but those tickets are going to change into sticky wilds for the entire set of free games to come. So, if you get more than three, you are going to have a better chance to find some prizes during those games. And the sticky wild potential for a re-spin also comes into play here if those should appear during play.

What is the return to player value?

This is set at 95.03%, which is a good RTP percentage.

Our rating for the new Betsoft slot game

We have plenty to get our teeth into here, with lots of unusual features to look out for. It does make the most of the chocolate factory-style candy theme, so we're ranking this as an 8 out of 10 slot game.

Would-be winners should hunt for some chocolate

The chocolate is the richest prize of all to go for… as revealed in the paytable. Of course, there are no progressives to try and trigger.

Will you get started by finding your way through the demo game?

This acts just like the real thing, so you can make sure you get a feel for the game before you decide on any real wagers.

Play for real if you like what you see

This could be the next natural step to take if you appreciate the hard work Betsoft has put into this slot game.

Did you know you can try the Super Sweets mobile game too?

Available on Android and iOS platforms, the game is ready for you whenever you want to play it.