Wild Drops Slots

Wild Drops is a wonderfully designed, mining-themed slot. The game is set against a blue background and focuses on a variety of carts filled to the brim with various gemstones. This game has free spins, and the background of the slot itself actually shifts slightly during free spin rounds. There is a meter that tracks the number of gold coins you collect, too. The symbolism found on this slot is simplistic, I feel like mining games are the ultimate throwback regardless of when the game came out, it's a classic trope that just never fails. The symbols within the board are basic gemstones of various colors, apart from the wild symbol. Now, lets review all of the basic features Wild Drops includes!


When it comes to placing an actual bet, the minimum bet for this game lands at $0.22 per spin. This pretty much enables anyone the ability to play, regardless of their finances. The maximum bet is only $22, not the highest I've ever seen so high rollers may be a little disappointed, but this is perfect for your average slot player.

The earliest incarnations of mining based slots featured little to no bonus features. This game is a modern adaption though, so you know it wouldn't be complete without some lucrative bonus features. For one, the winning combinations formed on the board explore, so symbols from above fall into the empty tiles, potentially triggering more wins. These are called cascading reels typically, or tumbling reels. If you can clear the entire screen during your base game, you'll receive an additional 5x multiplier to your winnings.

The other bonus feature is the Free Spins Feature. This is a staple when it comes to modern online slots, and I was curious how Wild Drops Slots would employ this in their game. The gold coins can be won whenever a winning combination is triggered. When this occurs you'll receive five free spins! After that, a line of wild symbols will appear on the center of the reel. If you can clear this line during the free spin rounds, they'll award you with a 10x multiplier. The top jackpot obtainable through this game is 4,400x your bet, which is absolutely excellent, To trigger this winning bet, you'd need to be playing the game on its maximum bet. You could win a total of $88,000 this way! This is a huge online jackpot, while some games offer bigger jackpots, considering the pay range and the slot audience this game is geared toward, this is an amazing jackpot.

When all things are said and done, you're probably wondering if Wild Drops is truly worth playing. I wouldn't discount this slot, because even if the jackpot is a little smarter than usual, I think your average, working class slot player will be grateful for what this game offers. Even if you only walk away with a small jackpot, this game won't break the bank as long as you play responsibly. This is a fun overall experience! The RTP is above average, which is always a good sign. The free spins and tumbling symbols are always top rated features. This game only hosts eight pay lines, and while it includes some pretty hefty bonus features, it's too overloaded with specialty rounds and things, which many slot players prefer! If you're looking for a modern update of a classic slot, but still want a few of the special bonus features video slots typically offer, this is a good option. I would recommend it to most players, especially considering the pay range. The game itself was nice to look at, too!