Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms & conditions carefully.

By redeeming any bonus on the moneystorm.com website or any other websites or applications that we own (the "Website") you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") and are deemed to have accepted and understood all the Terms.

Please read the Terms carefully and if you do not accept the Terms, do not redeem a bonus on the the Website.

All Terms stated on this page are final unless any Term stated on this page is directly contradicted by something said in any bonus offer itself. In such a case, ONLY the contradicted Terms on this page will be null and void for that particular bonus offer and whatever is stated in the offer will be considered the Terms for that particular bonus offer. Any Terms not contradicted by the bonus offer will continue to remain in full force and effect.

No employee of Moneystorm has the authority to waive any Term mentioned on this page under any circumstances. Please open a ticket with management and file a report if an employee offers to waive any Terms mentioned here.

Term #1 - All bonuses are sticky

Unless stated otherwise with the bonus offer all bonuses offered at Moneystorm Casino are "sticky bonuses". Sticky bonuses can not be withdrawn from the casino, and will be removed from the account when a withdrawal is processed if that didn't automatically happen when you completed the wagering requirements.

Term #2 - Your deposit is connected to your bonus

If you take a bonus with your deposit you may not request a withdrawal until you have completed the wagering requirements of the bonus. You can forfeit all winnings & bonuses at any time and then play with just your deposit but you can only do this if your current bonus balance is equal to or more than your starting bonus balance.

Term #3 - Bonus balance is not withdrawable

As long as a balance is in bonus balance it can never be withdrawn.

Term #4 - Maximum cashouts

All bonuses except "no max cashout" bonuses have a maximum cashout associated with them. The system automatically removes the non-withdrawable balance over and above your max cashout amount along with any sticky bonus when you complete the wagering requirements. The only instance where this does not automatically happen is if there is a communication error on the server or if your total bonus balance does not cover your sticky bonus. In this instance, the system converts your entire bonus balance to "real" balance to give you the opportunity to keep playing and raise your balance above the sticky bonus you received. In such a case, Accounting manually removes the sticky bonus before processing any withdrawal requests.

All free chips

Any bonus given to a player where he does not deposit any of his own money in conjunction with the bonus is considered a free chip. The maximum withdrawable amount on a free chip is 1/2 (one half) the amount of the free chip.

Once a customer has successfully taken a withdrawal arising from a free chip he may not request another withdrawal from a free chip until he makes future cumulative deposits exceeding the amount of the free chip withdrawal. This does not affect withdrawals arising from real money deposits. Making a deposit after winning on a free chip but before taking a withdrawal does not negate this term.

All bonuses of 299% or less

The maximum withdrawable amount on any bonus of 299% or less have a maximum withdrawable amount of 20X the amount of the deposit made in conjunction with the pertinent bonus.

All bonuses of 300% or more

The maximum withdrawable amount on any bonus of 300% or more have a maximum withdrawable amount of 10X the amount of the deposit made in conjunction with the pertinent bonus.

All "Flat bonuses"

All "Flat" bonuses have a maximum cashout equal to the amount of the bonus.

Term #5 - Zero outs

Your balance needs to be $1 or below for you to be considered "zeroed out".

You may not have bonus money from 2 bonuses in your account at the same time. Therefore, the system is configured to automatically remove (zero-out) any existing bonus money from your casino account whenever you redeem a bonus. Please remember that this feature only works when you have not completed the wagering requirements on a bonus. The software moves all bonus funds to real money once wagering requirements are completed on any bonus. However, this DOES NOT mean max cashout restrictions are removed from your bonus. ALL max cashout restrictions remain in full force & effect until a "zero out" occurs either due to you playing down your balance or due to a withdrawal. If you make a deposit on top of a max cashout bonus/free chip even if it has already converted to real money due to you making the wagering requirements the most you will be entitled to withdraw at any time would be the maximum cashout available from the bonus that offers the lowest maximum cashout out of all the bonuses you redeemed without zeroing out your balance + any deposit(s) you made that were not connected to said bonus. Any additional funds will be zeroed out at the time of the withdrawal.

Term #6 - Wagering requirements

To complete the wagering requirements of any bonus at Moneystorm, you must wager your bonus balance in the games appearing under the "bonuses" tab in the casino lobby. The deposit amount is not included in the rollover requirements and wagering your deposit does not count towards the wagering requirements of the bonus.

Term #7 - Provide a real physical address

No winnings are paid out to accounts with APO/FPO or any kind of P.O.box addresses. Any players who enters such an address in his account will not be paid any winnings and will have his/her deposit returned.

Players who choose to deposit using a credit card must use a credit card under their own name. Credit cards under the name or address of anyone other than the person who opened the account will be considered "third party credit cards." Users of third party credit cards will have any winnings voided and will have all deposit(s) refunded back to the third-party card. Management may also, at its discretion, close the account of any player using third party credit card(s) to prevent suspected fraud. Any payout requests for players who used third-party credit cards will be denied.

Term #8 - Don't open multiple accounts

Only one account per household, person, computer, email address, credit card number, or shared computer environment such as a library, workplace, fraternity, university or school is permitted. No winnings shall be paid if we detect multiple accounts.

Term #9 - You must be 21 years of age or older

You required to submit a picture ID for agre verification in case of all withdrawals along with other documentation.

Term #10 - Account terminations

We reserve the right to terminate the account of any player at any time at our sole discretion.

If an account is being terminated due to violation of any rule on this page or anywhere else on this site then all funds in that account shall be null and void. Any available deposit may be returned if you are found to have not acted in an effort to defraud the casino. In case of a term #8 violation (multiple accounts) the manager may void only the player's winnings and allow him to continue wagering if the violation was unintentional provided the player agrees to be more careful in the future.

If your account is terminated without violation of any term being cited by us as the reason for account termination then you can expect the following procedure to be followed :

1. Refund of all available deposits within 48 hours of account termination.

2. Payment of all winnings within 55 days of account termination.

Any individuals who's accounts are terminated by Moneystorm casino may never open another account with us.

Term #11 - Amendments

This page may be amended from time to time. Players are required to consult this page everytime before taking a bonus to ensure there have been no amendments to any terms. We never apply any amendments retroactively. The terms mentioned on the site at the time the player takes the bonus will apply until the user zeroes out or takes another bonus (whichever is first).

Term #12 - Restricted countries

Residents and/or citizens of the following countries are restricted from redeeming any bonuses of any kind (including free chips) :

Afghanistan, Algeria, Albania, Armenia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Chad, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Czech Republic, Algeria, Estonia, Egypt, Hungary, Indonesia, India, Iraq, Islamic Republic of Iran, Jordan, North Korea, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Latvia, Libya, Morocco, Republic of Moldova, Malaysia, Montenegro, Nambia, Nigeria, Nepal, Nauru, Panama, Peru, Philippines, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Serbia & Montenegro, Sudan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Somalia, Suriname, Syrian Arab Republic, Turks & Caicos Islands, Thailand, Turkmenistan, Tunisia, United Republic of Tanzania, Ukraine, Uganda, Uruguay, Vietnam, Vanuatu.

Any player from any of the aforementioned "restricted countries" that redeems any bonus of any kind (including free chips) will have his winnings revoked and any active deposits will be returned after subtracting a 15% processing fee.

Term #13 - Dormant Accounts

Moneystorm Casino is not a banking or financial institution, and thus, should not be used to hold funds for extended periods of time. In order to comply with licensing and regulatory requirements, we reserve the right to zero out real-cash balances for any account which has not been accessed for sixty (60) consecutive calendar days. Zero-outs can not be reversed once completed. If a player has funds in their real-cash balance, they may prevent the possibility of a zero-out due to dormancy by logging in to the account at least once fifty-five (55) days.

Term #14 - Software Malfunction

MoneyStorm Casino reserves the right to withdrawal or remove any monies from player's accounts that have been deemed as error or computer malfunction due to a game or games paying out incorrectly. The Player's balance will renewed to the previous balance prior to playing said game's. If MoneyStorm Casino Management deems the player is cheating or using some tool to cheat the games, all funds will be forfeited and account will be closed immediately.