Take The Bank Slots

The title of a slot game can reveal anything… or nothing. This one reveals the inclusion of a bank, so does that mean there is crime afoot? It does look like it, with the bank featuring in the background of the game. We don't condone crime, but this theme gives us a dramatic setting with lots of appeal. Shall we see what happens if we try and Take the Bank?

Guess the developer of Take the Bank online slots

If you like slot games created by Betsoft, you'll be glad to hear this one falls into that category as well. The quality of their slot titles is excellent and this one doesn't let the side down either.

Have you tried the demo version yet?

This slot does have some neat tweaks to it that cause it to stand out in a good way. As such, we suggest the demo is the best way to understand how each of these tweaks work in action.

Is the theme as obvious as it seems?

Yes, there is a bank involved, and the title image shows a robber who is obviously intending to 'take the bank', or rob it, if you prefer. There are robbers, bombs, safes, and police cars on the reels too.

Betsoft is famous for a 3D design, so is this a 3D title as well?

Yes and no… there are some parts that appear in 3D, but other parts are in 2D. That may not sound too appealing, but it looks good when the game gets underway.

Basic features to expect when you play Take the Bank slots

Firstly, there are five reels in this game. The reels stand four high rather than three high, too. The game doesn't have progressive jackpot amounts to be won though.

A ticking bomb appears as a wild. That said, look out for the robber. Whenever he appears, a ticking bomb appears in that spot. This is called the Master Bomb. It stays there on subsequent spins too, hovering over the top of whatever else spins into view there. The bomb starts at 9 and counts down to 0. When it reaches zero, it turns into a wild. If other robbers appear, the same thing happens. We got six robbers on the same spin, so after the next few spins, we ended up with six wilds appearing in one go. This triggered several prizes. The original bomb doesn't replace the robber or the police car. That car is labeled as a bonus icon.

Quantity of paylines to play on in Take the Bomb

There are fixed paylines here - 75 of them in total.

With 75 lines in play, does that mean the available bets are high?

No - surprisingly the smallest bet is a mere 20 cents. Yes, that does cover all 75 lines too. You can choose from other available sums to reach a maximum of $20 per spin.

Read through the paytable before you play

It tells you just how the various game features work, and how they pan out over the course of the game. You can find out which symbols are worth more than others too.

What about bonus elements in Take the Bank?

The ticking Master Bomb is the only type of bonus feature you'll find in this game. Nothing takes place on a second screen here.

Look out for the cop car to get some free spins

Three of those bonus police cars will bring 15 free games your way. You can choose to buy those spins before they are triggered, if you wish; the Buy Feature and associated cost is shown in the bottom right corner of the game. We prefer to wait until it triggers on the screen though.

When you reach this round, you are guaranteed to get at least five wild bombs on each of the free games. Better still, there is a chance you might find seven or even 10 bombs appearing this way. These move position on each spin, and when we played, we managed to get one or more prizes on every spin too.

Do we know what the RTP is?

We do - Betsoft has confirmed it is 96.08%.

Our rating for this new Betsoft slot game

We like Take the Bank a lot, and while we would have loved to see a second screen bonus here, it manages to deliver a great experience. That's why we have ranked this as a 9/10 slot game.

Potential prizes that could be won

The biggest multiplier in the game is 225x your bet. However, there are great opportunities to pick up multiple prizes if you reach those free spins, given how they work with the wilds.

Play the Take the Bank demo version today

If you do, you can 'buy' the free spins with the demo credits. This is good to know, as you can see how those wild bombs work in that round.

Play for real when you find the game at a casino offering Betsoft slots

There are lots of those around online today, so you shouldn't have much difficulty finding somewhere to play.

Take the Bank is also available on mobile platforms

That is even better news. Playing on the go is simple when you load the game on an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone.